1. What is the total supply of “Gyre” tokens?

In Gyre Network, each individual requires to make an investment with 1,010 INR to enter the network. There are 5 prominent Gyre Network Incentive programs and 1 unique way to earn rewards here.

2. On which technology the Gyre tokens are based?

"Gyre" tokens are based on the BEP-20 token standard of Binance Smart Chain.

3. Will the Gyre be listed on exchanges?

Gyre tokens are available on several crypto exchanges for investing and trading.

4. How much time will it take to approve my withdrawal?

You will receive your withdrawal amount in your account within 48-72 hours, provided the process goes smoothly.

5. I have forgotten my password.

Click on forget the password, write the code that you will receive in your respective email, and then copy to code to reset it successfully.

6. What is the burning rate of Gyre tokens?

The burning rate of Gyre TOKEN is 90%. To know more on this, check GYRE Token’s Whitepaper.

7. When will I be able to withdraw the initial invested amount?

You can successfully withdraw your initial invested fund after 200 days, till then take the benefit of staking income.

8. Can I change my GYR account password?

You can change your Gyre account’s password, if you need any help kindly contact the support team at Twitter @GyreTOKENcare or mail us at support@gyreTOKEN.io.